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Counterfeit Goods – Why Should You Care?

In Counterfeit Goods by Stacey Kalamaras

Counterfeit goods are the world’s largest illegitimate industry.  Why should you care?  In October, I educated more than 400 attorneys on how to protect their clients’ brands against counterfeiters.  These continuing legal education programs were well-received.  As intellectual property counsel representing brand owners, we are continually concerned about counterfeit goods as one of the biggest threats to a brand.  But, …

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Buying Counterfeit? Think Again!

In Counterfeit Goods, Trademarks by Stacey Kalamaras

Counterfeit industry the world’s largest Next time you consider downloading a bootlegged movie or buying a fake “Prado” wallet on Canal Street in New York City, consider that the counterfeit industry is estimated to be the world’s largest at $750 billion. Think downloading a bootleg DVD or buying a fake “Gucci” handbag doesn’t harm anyone? Think again! Millions of jobs …