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Make Sure Your Attorney Can Protect It

When you work so hard on developing and maintaining a trademark, you better make sure your attorney can protect it!  Stacey knew exactly how to handle our infringement case and we did not have to worry a bit!

Angela D.
Managing Member, Real Estate Technology Industry, Daytona Beach, FL

Fantastic Lawyer

Stacey is a fantastic lawyer and wonderful to work with. She helped our law firm protect our new logo and trademark and we are thrilled with the result. Stacey was always attentive to our needs and expertly guided us through the process. If you need an attorney to help with intellectual property issues, I highly recommend hiring Stacey. She is a true superstar and one of the best people I know.

Ken L.
Owner, Legal Services, Chicago, IL

The Importance of Trademarking

Many business owners don’t realize the importance of trademarking their business’ name. Talking to Stacey brings not only the importance of it into reality, but she takes the legalese of the USPTO (The United States Patent and Trade Office) and puts it into understandable English. Now I have trademarks on my business name and tagline that I know will keep me unique and protected. Her follow-up is always quick, which is important to a busy business owner. It’s a pleasure to work with her.

Larry C.
President, Financial Services, Highland Park, IL

An Incredibly Knowledgeable IP Attorney

I began working with Stacey in 2009 when she helped us file our first trademark. In the years since, she has helped us file an additional 8 trademarks for our various businesses. I love working with her! While I don’t always like the answers, I tend to ask a tremendous amount of questions and she has always communicated and conveyed the complexities of trademark law in a manner which I can understand. She brings a level of organization and efficiency to her work and I never feel like she’s wasting my time or dragging her feet. If anything, she keeps me on point. I appreciate, as part of her services, she maintains the calendar for all the actions needed on my marks. Stacey is an incredibly knowledgeable IP attorney and I have complete confidence in her representing us in all our Intellectual Property matters.

Martha P.
Co-Owner, Hospitality Industry, Asheville, NC

My Client Was Very Pleased

Thanks to Stacey’s experience and knowledge, the registration of the trademark went smoothly and the certificate was issued in the exact timeframe that she anticipated. Since our first communication, she explained every relevant aspect of the application and the registration stages clearly and precisely. I am grateful because my client was very pleased with the service that he requested me to hire and oversee.

Adrian G.
Attorney, Mexico