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Kalamaras Law Office helps clients with everything from conducting a U.S. trademark search to filing a federal trademark application with the Trademark Office.

We can also draft a license agreement and negotiate any dispute and resolution proceedings that may arise throughout the life of any type of trademark.

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Our capabilites include the following:


Trademark Clearance and Prosecution

We regularly counsel clients on how to choose a new brand name for their business venture. This process begins by conducting a U.S. trademark search to ensure the mark is available for the client’s use and adoption prior to filing a Federal trademark application. After the trademark search is completed, we provide our clients will a full analysis summarizing the search report. Our law office is also versed in USPTO trademark search practices when a client’s budget does not allow for full availability searches.  Once the risk for the mark is determined, a Federal trademark application is prepared and filed by us with the U.S. Trademark Office. Our law office then handles all of the necessary paperwork from the Trademark Office in order to seek registration of the mark, including all responses to Office Actions. Once registered, allow us to maintain and renew your mark. Do you have a new mark you are thinking of registering? If so, please contact us to get started.

Global Trademark Portfolio Management

We assist our larger clients in managing their trademarks all over the world through our network of international foreign counsel.  Thinking of expanding your business into one or more countries?  We can help.  Remember trademark rights are territorial in nature and trademarks must be registered in each and every country in which a company intends to do business and use the trademark.  Please contact us for more information or a no obligation quote.


Trademark owners have a right to police their marks or risk losing their trademarks. If your trademark is being infringed, we can help. We help our clients police their trademarks (both registered marks and those used without registration) by enforcing our clients’ trademark rights against third party infringers.  Our law office handles internet infringement, trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, anti-counterfeiting issues, as well as all other types of infringement. To tackle cyber-squatting or any type of infringement, we begin with an investigation and then send a cease and desist letter to the alleged infringer alerting them to your trademark rights and demand corrective action be taken. Please contact us to discuss your particular issue.


To commercially exploit your trademark, you may want to license your mark to third parties to generate additional revenue. Or, if you are selling your company, perhaps an assignment to the new owner is in order. Whatever your circumstances, we can help. We assist clients by drafting the right license agreement and/or trademark assignment to meet your business objectives. Please contact us for more information.

Due Diligence and IP Audits

When you buy or sell a company, you want to be sure the intellectual property assets you are purchasing are properly owned by the right business and the chains of title are in order.  We can help by conducting a due diligence evaluation of all the intellectual property to ensure your deal is properly represented.  Many businesses have valuable trademarks and other intellectual property assets but they are being mismanaged or misused.  Our law office can audit the assets you have and work with you to identify a strategy to maximize the IP you own to ensure these valuable assets remain protected. Please contact us for more information.

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