Our Mission - Kalamaras Law Office

Our Mission

Kalamaras Law Office, LLC is an intellectual property boutique committed to offering the same world-class expertise and service of a large law firm but with the flexibility and efficiency of a smaller firm. Our Mission is we are committed to finding practical, legal solutions for our small- and medium-sized clients’ business issues.

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Our Core Values

TRUSTED ADVISOR – Kalamaras Law Office is committed to earning our clients’ trust so that our clients think of us as part of their team and not merely a vendor. We know that we can provide the best possible advice and produce the best results when we are a part of the team, and proactively give advice instead of reacting to our clients’ intellectual property needs.

INTEGRITY – Our word means everything.  When we provide you with a fee estimate or an estimated due date, you can take that to the bank.  We aim to run our law firm by setting the highest standards of ethics, professionalism, and excellence in all that we do.

PRACTICAL ADVICE – Kalamaras Law Office draws upon its business experience to provide succinct, practical, action-oriented, legal advice to solve real business issues without the need for extraneous research and memos, except in the rare situations when such additional research may be warranted.

RESPONSIVENESS – Kalamaras Law Office is committed to being responsive to clients and handling all questions and communications timely and efficiently and ask the same in return from all colleagues and clients.

BALANCING TECHNOLOGY – Kalamaras Law Office embraces the use of technology to help us run our practice in an efficient manner.  We recognize that the practice of law is a people business, not a technology business, and we strive to find the balance between the two.

PASSION – We love what we do.  Trademarks, copyright and advertising law has run through our veins for nearly 30 years and we truly enjoy every opportunity to educate others through our writings and teachings of these topics.  Kalamaras Law Office values colleagues and clients who share this same passion.