An Incredibly Knowledgeable IP Attorney

In by Nadia Belsky

I began working with Stacey in 2009 when she helped us file our first trademark. In the years since, she has helped us file an additional 8 trademarks for our various businesses. I love working with her! While I don’t always like the answers, I tend to ask a tremendous amount of questions and she has always communicated and conveyed the complexities of trademark law in a manner which I can understand. She brings a level of organization and efficiency to her work and I never feel like she’s wasting my time or dragging her feet. If anything, she keeps me on point. I appreciate, as part of her services, she maintains the calendar for all the actions needed on my marks. Stacey is an incredibly knowledgeable IP attorney and I have complete confidence in her representing us in all our Intellectual Property matters.